Sodium molybdate
                                      Molecular formula:


                                      Properties: white scaly crystal, density 3.2g/cm3


                                      Sodium molybdate(Na2MO4.2H2O) assay is not less than 99.0%
                                      Mo assay ≥39.3%
                                      Fe ≤0.001% Cu ≤0.001%
                                      Pb ≤0.001% SO4 ≤0.20%
                                      Cl ≤0.05% PO4 ≤0.005%
                                      Water insoluble matter ≤0.05% NH4 ≤0.005%

                                      used in the making of alkaloid, reagent, dye, molybdenum red pigment, molybdenum, the material of fire retardant, its catalyst can be used as inhibitor

                                      Packing: cardboard drum ,Net 25kg,woven bag , plastic bag lined composite kraft paper bag or 50kg in plastic bag lined metal pail.

                                      Sodium molybdate Safety Data Sheet Chinese name:Sodium Molybdate
                                      English name:Sodium molybdat
                                      Molecular formula:Na2MoO4·2H2O
                                      Structural formula:
                                      CAS No.:7631-95-0
                                      Molecular weight:241.95
                                      RTECS No.:QA5085000
                                      UN code:
                                      IMDG regulation page:
                                      HS code:28417090
                                      Hazardous good code:
                                      Appearance and characters: white powder or crystal powder with white
                                      Main use:Used to produce printing ink, fertilizer, activator and others
                                      Melting point:687 Boiling point:
                                      Relative density:3.28
                                      Saturated vapor pressure(Kpa): Soluble in water
                                      Critical temperature(℃): Critical pressure(1lpa):
                                      Combustion heat(kj/t001):
                                      Avoiding touching condition:
                                      Combustibility: Fire insurance grade:
                                      Flash(℃): Self-ignition temperature (℃):
                                      Low explosive limit(v%): Upper explosive limit(V%):
                                      Packing type:
                                      Storage cautions:Store in cool and ventilated storeroom, and prevent moisture and drench. Please pay more attention to personal defense during packing and transportation..

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